Disgruntled Bank Employee, Fed Up with The Lies and Deceit, Reveals....

How The Forex Markets Really Work !!

From The Desk Of: Paul Langham, Exact Trading

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: 20th July 2015

Dear Forex Trader,

If you have been trading the Forex markets for any length of time, or even if you are completely new to trading, you’ll no doubt pretty soon understand that, winning in the Forex game is pretty darn difficult.

I should know because I have been working in banks and trading financial markets for over 30 years. 

But take heart as all is not lost, as Forex can be beaten and the rewards are lucrative.

Once you understand what I am about to tell you, your Forex trading will be revolutionized for ever and you'll finally start pulling the profits you have been looking for.

Paul Langham,Exact Trading

Paul Langham,Exact Trading

During The Financial Crash Of 2007, Trading Screens All Around Me Were Flashing Red



So I Decided It Was Time To Come Clean And Reveal......

How Anyone, Yes Anyone, Can Beat The Forex Markets

Take a look at my story below and let me show you how you CAN succeed in Forex.

Having worked on the inside for over 30 years and as a recognized authority on Price action momentum trading, and having worked for over 30 years on the inside I became fed up with the banks making out like bandits because of what was going on during the crisis,  so here's what I did...... 

I literally set everything I know about Forex down onto paper.

Scribbled 'post-its' lay all around my house, I came very close to exhaustion simply emptying the contents of my brain out onto paper.

I wanted out and I wanted even!!!

And even as my 6.30 AM commuter train took me hurtling down to the Financial district every day, charts and price patterns lay all over my brief case and drew strange stares from fellow commuters.

Once I had the drafts on paper, I created the very best Forex education available on price action techniques, true supply and demand analysis as well as bank insider techniques and price pattern analysis,

Here is what I have created for you:

  • The very best and most complete Price Action Trading course on the Internet. Period.
  • A membership site constantly updated with new material and offering the best value for money advice and education from an industry insider and an authority on price action trading.
  • My very own Forex trading school, leveraging my decades of market experience to help aspiring traders achieve their dreams.

Since those early day's a few years back the above has now become a reality.

FX seminar Paul Langham


Paul Langham Forex Seminar, Brussels, July 2015



I now have my very own students, that I am teaching how to make money in the Forex markets using Price Action Forex techniques which use no lagging indicators.

Why I have I decided to tell you all this today?

Well its quite simple, believe it or not, years ago,  "I was the worst FX trader in the world!!.....

That is, until and older guy at the bank who was close to retirement took me to one side, marked my card and showed me how things really work, in a short time, he got me to break even and later I became profitable....

Now I'm starting my own company to do the same thing.

If you are still losing,listen to my story as there is hope....

Now its my turn, I've done over 30 years working for the big name international banks having other people tell me what to do and when, now I want run things my way, have my own students and membership site, creating my own Forex courses, with real information and techniques from a true bank insider, not some garbled rubbish someone has found on the internet after having watched somebody else's videos....

Inside my membership site, I reveal the secrets of how Forex really works and how to trade it using my brand new Forex price action trading course.

OK, that  sounds great doesn't it? But as you know and I know, there is so much rubbish being promoted, you could easily be forgiven this is just another example of the usual Forex sales and heavy marketing gimmicks, so please allow me to set things straight.

Forex Uncensored, is a serious course for people who want to learn how to trade the Forex markets and turn professional. This is not a course that promises you riches, fast cars and loose women within the next few days.

Forex Uncensored is your first step on road to becoming a professional Forex trader and learning how to unlock the serious and phenomenal wealth that it is possible to generate, if you do things properly, in a controlled and precise manner with rules and proper money management in place.

So many retail traders, led on and influenced by their brokers marketing ploys dive into the markets head first and promptly lose a packet of money before they even blink, when what they should have been doing, is educating themselves properly, before going anywhere near a market.

It took me years of heart break and self taught pain to get ahead in FX and I am offering YOU the opportunity to fast track your own progress, starting with an overview of the markets you won't find anywhere on the internet.

Remember though, anything which is worth achieving takes effort and work on your side and I'll freely admit many of my students simply don't follow through on what I teach them.

Those that do, are absolutely killing it as per the testimonials on my site.

Here's Where I Lose Myself Some Clients

  • 1

    Scared Of Hard Work?

    FOREX UNCENSORED is a serious course without all the usual hype that is associated with marketers who promote Forex courses all over the internet.
    Becoming a successful Forex trader means, for most people, having to change their existing habits and learning something new; and this means doing some study and hard work.
    If you are not interested in putting in some effort to truly become successful as an Forex trader then I suggest you leave this page now.

  • 2

    Riches, cars and the other trappings by tomorrow night

    Most Forex promotions, promise the impossible tonight, they convince newbie and experienced traders alike, that by clicking a button they'll become a successful Forex trader.
    I can assure you that in the world of professional trading things don't work like that and whilst the riches are there for the taking, they won't be in your lap tomorrow night.
    If you still believe you'd be better off chasing a $49 cheap shiny Forex system that promises you that wealth for tomorrow, then I believe you should leave the page now, because your expectations are unrealistic and you will fail.

  • 3

    Not Prepared to Follow Through or Still Blaming Others For Your Losses?

    Most people blame others for their predicament and this is very true in Forex. When you look closely at why people haven't made money so far, it isn't normally because the systems they were using were no good, it was because they didn't follow through and implement things as they should have done.If you aren't for once, prepared to follow through to the end and really give a method or idea a true shot, then you'll never become successful and there is no point continuing on reading this page.



The Only Forex Price Action Trading Membership Course With Daily Video Play Back Examples, Trade Analysis Sessions and Weekly Webinars With Live Member Participation


Nobody Else Is Teaching This Stuff

There are plenty that claim they do, but nobody is teaching how things really work, or how the banks really control the markets.

Only a few people have heard of the FOREX UNCENSORED Price Action Forex Course and membership site.

I know about it.

My clients already know about it.

A few other sharp eyed Forex traders also know about.

And today you can add your name to that illustrious list, because.....

YES! You're Finally Going To Make Money Trading Forex
Because with the Forex Uncensored Price Action Membership Course You Will Discover How To

  • 1

    Stop Trading Like A Retail Trader Who Jumps In Without Thinking And Without a Plan

    Professional traders always understand the risk reward of every trade they take. They also understand how much money each trade will cost them if it goes wrong and they have a plan for every stage of the game.In other words they are prepared with a playbook. If you currently don't have such a level of detail in your trading plan, or even worse ,don't actually have a plan then you need to get real and join my program.

  • 2

    Understand How the Markets really Work

    Most people start trading Forex without an idea how the Forex markets really work, nor their structure. Understanding who you are up against, is essential knowledge, if you want to be successful in Forex.

  • 3

    Some Times of The Day Are Better Than Others

    Which trading session you decide to trade will depend on what strategy you are trading. Put another way some trading sessions are better than others for most traders.
    Unless you understand trading sessions, when they start and when they stop and what you should hope to achieve within each trading sessions, then one part of the jigsaw puzzle is most definitely missing.

  • 4

    Understand Why and Where Most Professional Traders Are Likely to Place Their Trades

    Professional traders have certain places where they are more than likely to place their entry and exit trades. Most retail traders have no idea where these points are. If you DO know where they are, then imagine what powerful information this offers to other traders in managing and placing their own trades. Trading blind without understanding these so called 'Price Points', leaves you at a distinct disadvantage to those that do.

  • 5

    Read Markets with Confidence

    Once you understand why and how price really moves, you will be able to look at a chart with much greater confidence and ability and understanding of market moves. Reading price takes practice but once achieved will give you a huge advantage over other traders.

  • 6

    Understand When Professional Traders Are About to Turn a Market

    Markets are reversed and turned by large professional traders who together make up over 80% of the market. As a trader you must be able to spot the tell tale signs that such a turn is about to take place. By looking purely at price you will know when this is happening.

  • 7

    Spot The Conservative Setups for Swing Trades

    When you trade price, it is more than possible to take conservative, high potential profit, low risk swing trades which last a couple of days or more.

  • 8

    Spot aggressive intraday trades.

    Using shorter term time frames it is possible using just price to set up two of three intra-day trades which can really boost your bottom line, especially when they turn into longer term swing trades with a great risk reward ratio.

  • 9

    Learn to Trade Breakouts The Right Way

    Breakout trading is one of the most misunderstood elements of trading

  • 10

    Understand Why and Where Most Professional Traders Are Likely To Place Their Trades

    Professional traders know where you are most likely to place your stops and entries, they target those areas for their own advantages so that they can get better trade placement and entry terms when entering their own trades.

  • 11

    And a lot more

    I have a huge amount of information to share with you, way beyond what I can explain here. When you join my membership site you will receive all of the above and a lot more.



Anything is possible

Once my card was marked and I understood the next moves of the bank traders and what truly drives the FX markets, then I could start taking multiple vacations per year with my family...

So Here's What You Get When You Purchase 'FOREX UNCENSORED' Price Action Trading Course and Insider Bank Trading Techniques

  • 1


    Full Life Time Access to FOREX UNCENSORED and The Exact Trading Price Action Course and membership area

  • 2


    Over twenty hours of easy to consume video content where you will learn Price Action trading done the right way.

  • 3


    The course video content will be fed to you daily. Playback when you want to and repeat modules as you desire, so that you can complete the course at your own speed.

  • 4


    An introductory welcome video message from me explaining what you should hope to get out of the Forex markets.

  • 5


    What is Forex and Who Are The Players? This Video Will Give You An Understanding of The Forex Markets, how they operate and we'll look at the principle players in the market.

  • 6


    Trading Platforms, Brokers and Spreads. Understanding the relationship between you and your broker is vital. Most people play by the rules their broker sets, you should be playing by your own rules.

  • 7


    Definition of Price Action Trading.and the Study Of Traders Reaction to Price Points. In this video I will walk you through various aspects of how traders react to price.

  • 8


    Price Action Trading In Detail and The Study Of Price Patterns. Price Action trading is a large subject, in this video we go into greater detail concerning the various possible patterns you will see repeating day in and day out in the Forex markets.

  • 9


    Trend Trading. How To Join The Trend And The Best Trend Trading Techniques

  • 10


    Chart Analysis. How to analyze your charts and spot your entry and exit signals.Reversals and Counter Trend Trading. This video explains how take counter trend trades.

  • 11


    Break Out Trading, Including Analysis of Live trade examples.

  • 12


    Continuation Trading. We dissect live trade examples and take an in depth look at how to trade them.

  • 13


    Reversals and Counter Trend Trading. This video explains how take counter trend trades.

  • 14


    Channel Trading. We look at what is channel trading with some great trade examples.

  • 15


    The London Breakout. What it is and how to play it.

YES! Unlocking FOREX UNCENSORED Means You Are Finally....

  • Making Money With Forex And Being Richly Rewarded For Simple Trades
  • Starting To Build Your Account Size With Confidence In The knowledge Your Trades Are Winners
  • Finally Have A Grasp On What We Mean By Price Action Trading Done the 'Right Way'
  • Able to spot High Reward High Probability Trades
  • Have The Understanding And Experience to Know Your Trades Will Nearly Always Be On The Right Side Of the Market
  • Take Your Trades With Confidence
  • Apply Proper Money Management Techniques - Controlling Your Losses and Letting Your Winners Breath
  • Sit Down at Your Trading Screen With Confidence You Are in Control Of Your Trading

If 'FOREX UNCENSORED' and the PRICE ACTION Membership Site Is So Powerful
Why Am I Revealing It To You Now ?

There are two reasons:


Because you need to realize that the Forex Market is supremely vast. Billions are being made every year by the banks and as the daily turnover increases, their share of the cake is getting bigger. You can do exactly what I do and start helping yourself to a generously-sized piece of this "multi-billion dollar cake" and it won't even make the tiniest dent in the market or my profits.


Because you might have noticed by now that I love helping people. It's how I got to where I am.

Once your bank account is firmly in the black money takes somewhat of a backseat and seeing the success stories of people you've helped gives you an even bigger buzz.

Just trust me on this - I am WITH YOU on this journey and want nothing more than to get that email from you saying you've bought that house in the sun, paid off your mortgage or  just finished saving for your kids' college fund because of finally discovering how to make money trading Forex.

3 Powerful Reasons That Make "FOREX UNCENSORED" Different To Everything Else...

  • It works (always important!). Feel free to check out my testimonials below.
  • It's based on a battle-tested, proven strategies learned through years of experience on the Forex battlefield. Not some regurgitated crap spouted by some wannabe who hasn't set one foot into a bank trading floor..
  • It's fast. You can be up and running with this TODAY and get pipis coming into your account within hours. Seriously. You're getting the copy-and-paste code to get started with this and it just takes a few minutes finish the first module.

PROOF That You Will Make More Money With My Methods and Techniques....


Thank you Paul, that was a very insightful presentation. I look forward to the next meet up,

Very insightful and informative session

Saz, Professional Trader

Hello Paul.

I was checking the charts for the recent days and I found 2 things amazing...



On the charts its easy to see how after 07h00 the chart goes up or down, and then change drastically !!! From UP to Down or from DOWN to UP ... Indeed, it seems to be a kind of "repetitive pattern" (see image below).



I was positively surprised that even myself with the almost nothing experience, I was able to see found what you mentioned on the charts !!!


I keep working and learning more and more.



Hi Paul.

Have watched your videos and am excited, interested and intrigued by what you have to say.

Looking forward to the website being up and running and more information coming our way.

Good Luck



Hi Paul, I really like your naked forex trading methods, like to learn all about it and be successful with this stuff! All the best from the Netherlands. Regards, Patrick



And You Get All These Killer Bonuses Totally For FREE...


MarketFootPrints (3)

Market Footprints

In this video I show you how to spot the tell tale signs on your charts of large traders entering the market.

Make no mistake, in Forex it is impossible for large trades to hide their activity.

Lack of liquidity caused by too many orders on one side of the market results in one thing, prices which move and momentum trades.

This bonus reveals all.





Tokyo Break In

Everyone knows the London Breakout, but how many know the Tokyo break in and the powerful trading strategies which it affords traders, especially those that can trade the Asian time zone.

This video explains how I trade this session and what set ups to look for.

The Tokyo Break In is vital trading knowledge to complete your overall market understanding and trading knowledge..




Auction Theory And Market Partcipants

To be successful trading Forex you need to understand the unique auction theory concepts and manner in which teh Forex business partcicpants conduct their business.

Forex is unique in that it is still a pure OTC(Over the Counter) market with the majority of the 5 billion dollars per day being traded between consenting participants rather than via an exchange.





Understanding Price Action Trading




Forex Levels Genius

Imagine having a product which automatically draws professional bank trader entry and exit levels on your very own MT4 chart. How does that sound ?

Imagine knowing where the most likely turning points in the market are ? Can you see how useful that information would be ?

Well Forex Genius Levels gives you just that, you'll get a fully fledged state of the art software which runs on MT4 ,which you can apply to your own charts and which will calculate for you the levels that are the most important points for the pair that you trade.

Note that the levels are not Pivot points or Fibonacci levels.

Easy to install, runs on MT4.



Forex Market Making Secrets

If you have been around the Forex game for any length of time you'll probably have heard stories about the Market Makers and how the market is rigged and the market makers are ganged up against you etc etc etc.

Well I have news for you, the Market Makers come to work like you or I do every day, in order to make money for their bank. In that sense they are no different from you or I, they are just trying to make a living by offering two way prices all day long.

The only real difference is they deal in tens of millions per trade and most other traders are trade  a lot smaller size than that.

What is true however, is that they do have some daily price patterns which repeat over and over again which they use to get an edge over the markets. If you understand the Market Maker patterns, you'll have an enormous edge in the market which you can use to your advantage.

In my guide, I'll reveal the market maker patterns to you.

7 Sure-Fire Signs That You Need FOREX UNCENSORED The Most Complete And Thorough Forex Price Action Trading Member Ship Site and Course Out There!

  • You are currently losing money or burning through whole trading accounts
  • You are unable to pull the trigger and enter a trade
  • Once in a trade, you take quick profits but hold onto huge losses in the hope the market will turn round
  • You don't really understand who does what in the Forex world nor what role the banks play
  • You want to be successful trading Forex but haven't found the right trading group or mentor
  • You are sick of lagging indicators that get you into a trade just as price turns in the opposite direction
  • Ultimately you understand you can't do things by yourself and need a bank insider to show how Forex really works

By now, you probably just want to get your hands on the Membership Site and the Price Action Trading Course  and start making the money. Congratulations - that's a smart move you've just made. Not least because you are totally covered with...

Here is Your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Want Your Money Back? No Problem!

If you put in a good, honest effort to apply FOREX UNCENSORED And the Exact Trading Forex Price Action Trading Course and you don’t feel it is worth the money you have paid, or haven’t been blown away by the level of detail and amazing strategies I have presented to you  then I will personally give you  your money back!

Please note however, this guarantee excludes tire kickers who just fancy a free ride – you’ll need to send me your trading slips where you prove to me you have attempted to trade one of the strategies I have taught you.

YES! I want To Be  A Successful Forex Trader!!!

  • 1


    Please give me immediate access to "FOREX UNCENSORED" - the Exact Trading Forex Price Action Trading Course and Membership Site" for the one-time, low investment of just $349

  • 2


    Yes! I understand I am short-cutting thousands of hours of painstaking research, trial and error by getting my hands on battle-tested and proven methods of trading FOREX!

  • 3


    Yes! I understand that you're giving me access to your entire Exact Trading Membership site a and Price Action Trading Course in easy to consume video format made in an easy to copy and deploy, step-by-step, format!

  • 4


    Yes! I want immediate access to this groundbreaking information right away so I can start applying it today and truly understand how the FOREX markets work

  • 5


    Yes! I understand that you will also be giving me access to your legendary team of similarly like minded traders with who; I can network and who use your methods to help me get up and running very fast! (And I also get some live training from Paul too!)

  • 6


    YES!, I want access to the weekly webinars, where we walk through the recent Price Action Trading setups and help every trader with their questions to get them going as fast as possible



Just $249 $125

There is no risk whatsoever and I should grab access to the membership site and course RIGHT NOW for a ONE-TIME, ONE-OFF investment of just $249

I have a FULL 30 Day Money Back guarantee, and no one is allowed to ask me anything or try to pitch me something else if I decide to ask for my money back.

So Why Only $249?

For THREE reasons...

Firstly, because I want to show you, that when you apply what I teach you will make  money. Lots of money. So I'm putting my product where my mouth is and giving it to you for a fee which represents a fraction of what you could make using my techniques.

And let's face it - if you're not serious enough about your business to go down the back of the couch and rustle up $349 then there's nothing I, or anyone else, can do to help you!

And you should know that I WILL be increasing the price of FOREX UNCENSORED again very soon, because it's worth at least $997  just take a look at the results students are getting with it.

Secondly, because I want to level the playing field as regards top of the line Forex  training. When I was starting out and struggling to make that first dollar, all I could find were people charging the earth for their tips. The people at the commodity house where I was working certainly wouldn't tell me, it was every man for himself, not until the old trader just about to go on pension marked my card.

You are getting some of my innermost Forex secrets for pennies on the dollar here.

Thirdly, because I hope that once you have seen FOREX UNCENSORED you will become a raving ran and want to buy more of my stuff. And no - I'm not going to give the course for free.

You see, I've worked for the banks for over thirty years and I have seen an awful lot during that period, my initial batch of students are giving me rave reviews and one thing I've learned, is that if you're not financially invested in something, then you won't apply it.

Now its your time. By now, you know you want this, so don't let the price of an expensive meal for two stand in the way of you and being able to finally make money from Forex.

I'll see in you a moment INSIDE the Membership area, I can't wait to share this stuff with you. You're going to love it. Here's to you making money with Forex today!

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