My Expert Advisor
just broke a new record!


It has now traded 20 winners on the trot without a single loser during that winning sequence!!!!

From the desk of Paul Langham

Dear Trader,

In the summer of 2019 from my office in London,  I started work on designing a simple Expert Advisor which runs on the EUR/USD. The resulting EA has proven to be an amazing winner.

I turned my testing processes upside down, so that I could create more profitable EA's and as you can see from the results below, I have been able to create a really good EA(Expert Advisor) which trades frequently, yet maintains excellent profitability, and trades in all types of market conditions.

Please view the video below to discover how you can profit from the Perambulator Expert Advisor and check out all of the videos and associated information on this page to obtain further details.


Perambulator launches

Wednesday 28th October!!!

 The "Perambulator" what is it?
How can it have such a high win rate?

Please spill the beans ...



Perambulator is an EA(Expert Advisor) or automated traded system(algorithm) which runs exclusively on the EUR/USD and the 15 minute time frame.

The EA is very good because it understands the typical price action of the E/U and the type of ranges the 15 minute time frame normally throws up or moves in.

The algorithm runs with a target and a stop,  so there is never a risk of ruin due to a catastrophic market move, when trades are left open ended. The win rate is high with good profitability over the short, medium and long run with limited draw down.


Turn Your Trading Upside Down

Here is definition of the word 'Perambulator' from the English dictionary

"Person who strolls around," or perambulates, from a root meaning "walk around," which is related to amble.

And Perambulate is exactly what this EA does.

It trades frequently and well,  but ambles in the market guided by a target and a stop.

The high winning rate is due to two factors. Firstly the EA has a very good ability to predict the immediate next direction in price, secondly I have enhanced its winning rate by making the take profit closer than the stop, this has turned traditional algorithmic trading concepts upside down, but please take a look at the results. The sad fact of the matter is that too many traders are trading in the same style and effectively against each other. In 2020 and beyond,  radical new thinking is required,  if you are to survive in the algo game.

EUR/USD 15 Minute Timeframe

The E/U has recently been rewarded the pole position as the  most heavily traded currency pair on the planet.

When you trade the EURO you know that you are trading a pair which generally oscillates rather than trends very hard.

The perambulator is able to take advantage of this fact as it can cash out within a trend and on a push during an sideways to moderate oscillation either against or with the trend.

The 15 minute time frame is an ideal one, as there are plenty of trades to keep the active trader occupied. And,  as I have shown above,  the EA racked up twenty winning trades for me,  in a 20 day elapse time frame. Given the win rate, this means there is plenty of opportunity to increase your account size and at the same time, maintain conservative style money management.







Here are the test results using 99.9% Tick Data modelling quality - in other words using the best quality data available.

Take a look at that curve!!


The Perambulator EA results shown above have been executed against the toughest and most realistic E/U data available.

Please note the profit factor of 1.22 proving that we have a definable edge over the market.

This EA runs only on the E/U and should also be run only against the 15 minute time frame.



The test shows and incredible gain of over 400% in the 58 month test run which equates to around a 6% increase per month.

The draw down over this period was just 33% trading one full lot size or equivalent Euro 100.000 position.

For those traders requiring a lower draw down,  please see the results sheets below where we trade using one tenth of the trading size noted in the first test shown above.


  More test results

This test runs off a lower lot size and shows the EA bringing home a nice 44% increase in the account size over the test period using 0.10 lot size.

Please note the excellent draw down of 6. 76% when compared to the profit obtained.

The Perambulator EA can be left running 24/7.

The profit factor of above 1.22 is excellent for a system which trades regularly.

  Frequently Questions and Answers to Questions

What will I receive if I purchase the Perambuatorv1.4 ?

Included in the package you will receive the following items:

  • Perambulatorv1.4 Expert advisor
  • EA installation guide
  • Training guide explaining the concept behind the Perambulator
  • Dedicated Perambulator Telegram group, where I will post my results and provide news and updates

What about if I'm new to trading?

If you are new to trading, this does present an issue. As I am no longer working at a bank,  I have the time to train you myself and will set up an introductory webinar to walk you through the setup and installation procedure of the EA and describe the full details of the Perambulatorv1.4 Expert Advisor.

I will present the training in a very easy to understand style so that nobody is left behind. Additionally I am on hand to help you should you have any further questions.

Can I purchase with Paypal?

Absolutely, just purchase from this landing page, using the form below,  by clicking in the 'Purchase Now' button below.

What are the next steps, how can I get going ?

Simply finish reading this page and click the purchase now button, this will take you to the PAYPAL page where, once payment is received you will be redirected to a thank you page where I detail the next steps.

Please note, that the introductory webinar will be held on Friday 30th October and will be repeated as new traders come into the program.

Is this method suitable for an FTMO Challenge?

Absolutely, they accept EA's.

Can you let me see an example of the type of profit it is possible to make with the Perambulatorv1.4?

Yes for sure, please look at the video at the top of this page.

Can anyone become a trader?

Yes, anyone can learn the skills necessary to run this trading system. dedication and hard work with home work assignments are necessary in order to make this happen.

How much money can you make running the Perambulatorv1.4

How much money you bring to the table will dictate how much money you can generate as income. I always talk in pips per week. Please see the results above to gain an example of how many pips you can make per week.  To give you an idea, trading with a risk of 0.8% per trade to the account we have increased the account by an amount of 3.6% in just 20 trading days.

How much money can I make in a year?

How much money you depends on three elements:

  • The amount of money you put in your trading account.
  • The leverage you apply to your account
  • The length of time you trade per day
  • Based on 3% per month using very conservative risk around 36% per year is possible
  • Should you take on more risk - keeping well within industry standards of acceptability - you could aim for 72% and above.

Live Trading Room  - are you going to run a room trading for the Perambulatorv1.4 ?

I will run several Live Trading room session for new traders, to ensure they are comfortable with the method, have everything installed correctly and have all their questions answered.

All traders will receive the invite to the Trading Room following sign up for the product.

Do you have any recent results?

Please see this recent winning run of 20(yes twenty) trades on the trot.

How will I Learn and Understand the Perambulatorv1.4?

All traders will receive an invitation to my trading room.

I will walk trades through:

  • The concept behind the Perambulator EA.
  • How it trades
  • An understanding of the likely win rate
  • How to manage your trading risk
  • An understanding of the proposed money management method
  • Profit targets and managing your risk

If you are unable to make the class then this is not an issue as all sessions will be recorded and there will be an archive of recordings made available.

Additionally I will run sessions for those that are not available during the day. These sessions will run from 21:00 CET until 22:00 CET


Additional questons

What Broker Do You Recommend?

Choosing the right broker can be a minefield for the uninitiated. I have found that true ECN broker IC Markets are about as good as you get when you balance costs against service.

We know they are one giant "B book", but in fact this helps us,  as the prices we receive are generally smoother than DMA/STP.

I trade with them too.

How about VPS machines ?

It is important to get at the front of queue what ever your trade size and whatever your trading strategy. Using a good VPS machine will help you in this respect. Make sure you select the correct machine located right newt to your brokers machine.

FXVM can help with this as they are experts in Forex VPS machines.

Be sure to check out their latency chart here.



Ready To Get Going?

The introductory webinar will take place on Friday 30th October at 21:00 CET(20:00 UK), 16:00(EST) and will last for one hour.

During the meeting I will explain how to install and set up your EA and we will run through the risk and money management factors necessary to make your trading a success. I believe I am over delivering on value.

Early bird sign ups this weekend, until and including the 1st November will receive a one hundred Euro discount.

Please sign up using the button below and I look forward to welcoming you to the world of trading the Perambulatorv1.4 Expert Advisor.

Let me in to the Automated Trading Seminar

YES! I Want Instant Access Now! I understand that I'll receive instant access to:


"Perambulatorv1.4 Expert Advisor

Training School to Include installation guide, money management and trouble shooting guide.

Full details of the next steps will be sent after payment


Price Euro 249 4th July offer valid until 31st July price increases thereafter to Euro 349
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