Automated trading, otherwise known as Algorithmic Trading is accessible to the retail as well as professional trader. Entry into this arena can be made using algorithm's designed to run on Metatrader MT5 or MT4 platforms. For the first time ever,  The playing field is levelled, meaning it is not on Goldmans Sachs, Barclay's or Deutsche who can play on the algo playing field, but the retail trader can too ! Algorithmic trading suits mots traders, especially those who struggle with the emotions of trading, like trying to get even with the market after a loser, cutting winners short, letting losers run.

ALGO BONUS - When You Trade Using an Algorithmic Trading Script Your Trading Runs On 'Automatic' This Means Instead of Looking At Charts All Day Long You Have Time To Do Something Else.

As an experienced Algorithmic Trader I am well placed to advise on the latest techniques in algorithmic trading. Designing and building an algorithmic for the Metatrader platform may seem like a dauting task but it need not be so , and I have already created several very profitable algos for those traders looking for a bespoke ready to use out of the bow system.

Expert Advisors - Metatrader Algo's

Metatrader Expert Advisor- Ease of Use

I will show you how to simply drag and drop a Metatrader algo or 'Expert advisor' onto the chart of your choice set up the necessary parameters, choose a lot si and 'magic Number' and set your algo live in the market place.

Create targets, stop losses, set times and lots more

Using an automated piece of code  - or algorithm - the trader is able to set targets, stop losses, execute move the break evens and a whole myraid of trading rules which the trader can perform manually, this means the trader can replicate all the possible steps and actions that can be undertaken manually, expct they will run via and automated script. Simply design what is required.

Control losses and manage targets

All of my EA's run using strict money management rules thereby ensuring that the traders account is correctly managed from a risk point of view. Typically manual trading following losses can and may lead to traders over trading and starting to take additional risks in order to claw back losses. With automated trading this is not possible as the code which has been designed and implemented simply runs according to a rule set not emotions.

Trade Whilst You Sleep or Work

When you trade using an algo you can be trading whilst you sleep, work or do other things, this is an incredible advantage when compared to manual trading and allows you to do other things whilst your algo traders the markets

Exact Trading Algorithmic Trading Warehouse
MT4 and MT5 Algo's Details and Results

Below you will find details of my live trading accounts, where using the Exact Trading Bank Levels, I  trade three accounts, each account using a different set of instrument types notably:

FX(Foreign Exchange)

FX(Foreign Exchange) and Commodities(Oil, Gold, Silver)

European and US Stock Indices (DAX 40 and DJ30)

Live Account

This account was started on the 1st January  2023 with a starting balance of Euro 80,000 and trades FX in a conservative manner with low leverage.

@14/11/2023 the balance of this account stands at Euro 128,646.00

Live Account
 FX, Oil, Gold 

This account was started on the 31st January with a balance of Euro 175,000 and traded FX and some commodities like oil and gold. Leverage is tightly controlled. 

@14/11/2023 the balance of this account stands at Euro 207,351.00

Live  Account

The third account is the largest live trading account and was started on the 06/01/2023 with a starting balance of USD 650,000 additional funding to  total  Euro 1,600,000  also took place. @01/08/2023 the balance  of this account stands at Euro 2,686,280.00

Trading Account 30200117
 Results by Month 

Listen to Paul Langham Explain More About Account 30200117 

Trading Account 54610473
Results by Month

Listen to Paul Langham Explain More About Account 54610473 

Trading Account 54610482
Results by Month

Listen to Paul Langham Explain More About Account 54610482 

Combined Trading Results 2023
Results by Month

Listen to Paul Langham Explain More About The Combined Account Totals

If you like the look of my trading results then I expect you will want to know more about I how I do it, how I trade so successfully when compared to other traders,. To find out more why not consider the Amazon e-book which for a short time I am giving away the first 100 pages completely free.

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Now lets talk about my Price Action video course which describes in full detail, how to trade using Bank Levels. The course sets out, module by module all that you need to know to fully implement my findings and method!

I know that you will have plenty of questions, so have noted in the following sections everything which you will learn in the course.



Look at my results, I trade conservatively and the profits are self-evident.  In the pages that follow I will describe some of the details about my trading to help you understand what makes the difference. If its time for you to take your trading seriously, if now is your moment, the moment to get profitable, then take the next step and click on the button below.

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Let's have a look at Bank Levels and understand why using them is one of the the most powerful methods of trading financial markets. 

What makes Bank Level trading probably the easiest method of trading financial markets?

You Trade with Professional Traders and Institutions 

When you trade using Bank Levels - spolier alert the name gives it away - you are trading with the banks and institutional traders who generally come out in front.

An Explanation of How to Financial Markets Work

Financial markets are very often over complicated, this is due to the plethora of conflicting information available, via the MSM, Social Media and the internet more generally.

Which Markets are the Best When Using My Method

Some markets trend whilst others tend to be mean reverting, there is no point trading in a mean reverting style in a market which generally trends. So you should be aware of which markets do what.

How To Get Setup, Choosing  a Broker, Taking Your First Steps

Finding a reputable broker which is registered in an good jurisdiction is an essential part of your trading journey. Understanding the trading platform is a necessity and must be completed prior to commencing your trading.

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