Exact Trading Momentum 0.8 Club - Main Category

In this main category, we dive into the detail of the indicator to explain how it works and look at the various applications of its usage in the market place. Additionally there are a series of replay webinars which i have made available for you, so that you can review them at your leisure. These are recordings from the very first webinars in which I presented this method.


Welcome to the EXACT TRADING  Momentum 0.8 Club and to my introduction to the concepts of Price Action Momentum, what it is and how we will trade it for profit.

My name is Paul Langham and I am the founder of Exact trading and I will be taking you through this course over the coming modules.

Please take the time to properly understand the concepts behind my teachings, which are quite unique within the Forex education and trading industry.

It is a very bold claim, I know,  but I believe we can challenge the likes of the HSBC, Barclays and serious Hedge Funds with the concepts that I am going to teach you in this course.

The advantage of the EXACT TRADING Momentum 0.8 education is two fold, firstly you can view the videos when it suits you, rather than having to attend a webinar which might not suit your timezone and secondly your membership is for life , these videos will always remain available for you to come back too, time and time again, so that you can hone your skills.

Additionally, because I want you to succeed,  I have added some extra information not normally covered in an introductory course containing  information that you will surely find useful and educational.

Upcoming Training

Keep a look out for some further live training which I have scheduled for you. You'll receive notification about these webinars from me in an email.