"They Said It Couldn't Be Done. They Were Dead Wrong..."

From the desk of Paul Langham, Brussels, 11th March 2021

Dear Fellow Trader,

By now you've doubtless come to same realization I did when I was starting out.

The only way to break through in the trading business is to flat out find an edge over the markets, something which works consistently and across many markets.AND still makes money after costs.


Correct. The only issue is finding that edge so here is a tip.....

"I have been screaming about trading using timeless charts since I first started Exact Trading in 2008 and before that too. Charts like TICK or RANGE - the charting types completely ignored by the majority of traders."

"And why is that ? Because timeless charts remove a lot of the noise out of the charts and leave you with Price Momentum in its purest form.

"Within such momentum there exist very small trading edges which are available for sometimes  a minute or two, maybe more, such edges are exploitable as they arrive , day after day, in market after market."

How and why do such momentum in balances occur - its quite simpe they arrive via trader emotions, when they likes of you and I who take action to buy or sell and who attract yet more and more traders to do the same.

Our job is to spot such momentum get on the train and get off at the next station.


 So what is the Big Candle version 3.6?

Is it right for me?


Big Candle Version 3.6 Expert Advisor

Welcome to the Big Candle version 3.6.

One of the most successful ways to trade FX is using momentum strategies. My Big Candle version 3.6 is one such strategy. This version works exclusively on the EURO/USD(very liquid market) and the fifteen minute time frame(time frame susceptible to Big candles caused by momentum bursts).

The objective of the EA is to capture as much as possible of any sudden bursts in price momentum. The EA will wait patiently for the right move to occur and then jump in to capture that move.

The EA is designed to take advantage of the excellent liquidity available in the EUR/USD and it is advisable to run the EA on a VPS machine in order to capture every pip of the move.

If you are new to FX, then please drop me a line using the help desk on the main menu, in order to discuss this EA and for any further explanations should you need them.

Running Expert Advisors For Profit

Most people over egg their expectations in respect of automated trading as they believe the hype and 'leverage talk' pushed out by the brokers and as a result expect hundreds of percent profit per year per EA that they run.

Whilst nothing is impossible - especially in FX - the chances of maintaining these types of percentages over the long term are quite slim and attempting to find out if you can do it will normally result in one or more blown accounts. This is not the way I trade.

Nobody should be risking their account by  over leveraging their automatic trading, it isn't necessary to do so in order to become profitable.  If you follow some simple and logical ideas you will better understand,  that you have more chance of an overall higher percentage increase in your account by trading multiple EA's for lower percentage gains per EA. That is what automatic FX trading is all about. Using automation to diversify and create a portfolio of winning strategies with low level % gains per EA, which total up to very respectful gains.

Please don't be taken in by the sales pages out there which promote EA's that make 2000% per year, think about the most successful Hedge Fund managers on the planet who make around 30% a year on a good year.


MyFXBook Results

Here are the results of the Big Candle version 3.6 EA which is running off my LIVE USD Account at ICM and is posted to MyFxBook. The go-live date of the account was the 28th March 2018.



Features that ensure the EA is solid

Creating a winning EA is not easy, for every ten EA's that I create, around eight of them go straight into the bin or are put to one side, as they do not stand up to scrutiny when put under pressure during testing.

Below, I have listed some of the reasons why this is a solid EA and should continue to prove itself over the long run.

  • Runs only when the most extreme momentum is present and captures what is available in terms of price increase.
  • Not affected by sideways activity or whipsaws as stays out of the market during such times.
  • Follows trend following principles, cuts losses short and lets' profits run
  • Insists on price momentum confirmation before entering a trade
  • Insists on good breakout momentum before entering a trade
  • Ensures a good risk to reward ratio by quickly stopping out when proven to be wrong
  • Trades the most liquid and heaviliy traded FX pair on the planet EUR/USD

  Frequently Asked Questions

What will I receive if I purchase the Big Candle version 3.6 EA?

Included in the package you will receive the following items:

  • The Big Candle Version 3.6 Expert Advisor which is suitable for running on your brokers Metatrader platform or via a VPS machine.
  • The business description document which explains how the EA works, the logic behind it and the parameters which must be applied in order to set it up
  • A process flow diagram which explains how the EA will react once it enteres the market and how it will behave to protect profits...

What about if I'm new to trading or automated trading?

If you are new to trading this is not an issue, as I will be presenting things in a very easy to understand no-nonense style within my documentation andI am here to help if you ANY questions.

Can I buy with Paypal?

Absolutely, just purchase from this landing page by clicking in the 'Purchase Now' button below.

What are the next steps how can I get going ?

Simply finish reading this page and click the purchase now button, this will take you to the PAYPAL page awhere you can once, once payment is received you will be redirected to the Exact Trading Big Candle Version 3.6 strategy sign up page which will allow to receive the EA and documentation.

Can you let me see an example of the type of profit it is possible to make with an FX algo?

Yes for sure, just look on this page at some of the examples.

Can anyone become an automated FX trader?

Yes, anyone can learn the skills necessary to set things up the way they need to be, to guarentee sucess. Obviously the EA will do the work, you just need to set up your Metatrader platform correctly and set up the parameters which i will give you correctly. In qddition because this EA trades very fast momentum moves I suggest running a VPS machine located in the same cage as your brokers server.

How much money can you make running algos and building FX trading systems

How much money you bring to the table will dictate how much money you can generate as income. My own strategies look to trade very conservatively.  The idea should be to mix and match multiple strategies to create a portfolio. Remember 30% from a handful of strategies combined per year is huge compared to what you can earn on a bank deposit account.

How much money can I make?

How much money you depends on three elements:

  • The amount of money you put in your trading account.
  • The leverage you apply to your account
  • The performance of the EA.
  • The EA under a testing period of fifteen years has shown a return of 100% during the testing period with a drawdown of 16%% and leverage of around 1 to 10. Reduce the leverage and this will reduce the drawdown and but reduce the profit. I am personally running this EA within a basket of others and looking for a profit of around 5 to 8% per year with a similar level of drawdown.

Examples Of How The Big Candle Version 3.6 EA has Performed in the Past?

Big Candle EUR/USD 15 minute time frame.

Big Candle 3.6  EUR/USD 15 minute time frame

Big Candle 3.6 EURUSD 15 minute size 0.01

Big Candle 15 minute EUR/USD Variable Size

Big Candle EUR/USD 15 minute timeframe

Big Candle EUR/USD 15 minute time frame

There is a lot to learn about FX automated trading strategies. One of the most over looked is to create a method which provides a curve which is realistic but has faults. Now,  to most FX traders this might sound somewhat suspect a  trading strategy which has 'faults'.

What I mean by this is that a curve where "everyone is at" and which resembles a straight 45 degree line, will almost certainly fail as the big money will sooner or later find it. I prefer staying under the radar, with slightly wonky looking equity curves which increase nevertheless over time. Trading multiple strategies like this is preferable to a single strategy.

I maintain that 5 to 10 percent per year, per strategy, with a handful of strategies is the right starting point for people who are serious about trading. Contrary to popular belief, FX can be profitable, but the right sort of strategies have to be applied to it.

The motor can be fine tuned once the comprehension of the markets is there. The possibilities are endless, to mix and match types of strategies, pairs and time-frames.

The Big Candle EA version 3.6 is a great place to start as it trades strong momentum moves and this is what Forex is all about.

What About Brokers Which One Do You Recommend?

Choosing the right broker can be a minefield for the uniniiated. I have found that true ECN broker IC Markets are about as good as you get when you balance costs against service.

They are currently GMT+3 and you can set your EA up as I set mine up as I also trade with them.

How about VPS machines ?

It is important to get at the front of queue what ever your trade size and whatever your trading strategy. Using a good VPS machine will help you in this respect. Make sure you select the correct machine located right newt to your brokers machine.

CNS can help with this as they are experts in Forex VPS machines.

Be sure to check out their latency chart here.



Ready To Get Going?

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