"They Said It Couldn't Be Done. They Were Dead Wrong..."

From the desk of Paul Langham,

Brussels, Belgium, 11th March 2021

Dear Fellow Trader,

By now you've doubtless come to same realization I did when I was starting out.

The only way to break through in the trading business is to flat out find an edge over the markets, something which works consistently and across many markets.

AND still makes money after costs.



The only issue is finding that edge so here is a tip.....


"I have been screaming about using timeless charts since I first started Exact Trading in 2008 .....


And why is that?

Because most traders have been brought up on the retail METATRADER platform which only offers time based price charts and generally,  such traders do not know any other style of type of charting exists.

Price charts like TICK or RANGE are completely ignored by the majority of traders."

So why timeless charts ?

Timeless charts remove a lot of the noise out of the charts and leave you with Price Momentum in its purest form.

Within such Price Momentum,  there exist very small trading edges which are available for a minute or two, maybe more, such edges are exploitable as and when they occur and  arrive. The good news is they do so, day after day, week after week in many markets.

They can be called Price Momentum imbalances.

How and why do such Price Momentum imbalances occur? Quite simply they arrive as emotional trader reactions, such reactions being the likes of you and I as we take action to buy, followed by yet more and more traders who do the same as a reaction to our actions.

For example a rush to get into a trade, FOMO or other such emotional trader behaviour a last throw of the dice, a willingness to hang onto the side or the bus as it leaves the station or even on top. A must have this trade mentality and must get into it, which is the style of trading I like to detect.

Why does such pure momentum trading create an advantage or edge for us? Well just for s short time window we can predict which way the market will move and not only that how far the market will run.

Our job is to spot such "emotional momentum" get on the train and get off at the next station booking our pips.

Index Momentum EDGE

Please take a look at the introductory video below where I introduce timeless charts.

DAX Index

The DAX index - the German index of the top 30 German companies - is a good volatile index which portrays excellent momentum imbalances.

Let's take a look some of the trading ideas that it is possible to find in the DAX using timeless charts - like Range Bars.

Looking at the last 15 months and using 12.5 Range Bars we have the following edge.

SP500 Index

The SP500 index - is a US index based on the top 500 stocks in the Unites States and is seen as the bell weather of the strength of the US economy.

The index is volatile and has a good daily range.


The NQ or NASDAQ index is a index of 100 of the top technical stocks based in the Unites States and is one of the most volatile main stream indexes.


Index Momentum EDGE Membership Club

In this section I will describe our Index Momentum EDGE membership club which is a first for Exact Trading.

The membership club has been built in a membership portal outside of Exact Trading which will offer a better learning experience.

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