Trader Interviews

This page is dedicated to interviews I have undertaken with "exacttraders"; traders who have reached out to me and with whom I have exchanged trading ideas and or offered advice.

For a long time, I have been meaning to bring this idea of "trader interviews" to the table and am very happy to bring you this series of conversations,  in which i delve into the traders background and asking probing questions as to how, and why, they became interested in trading and very importantly, what kept them going, through the inevitable difficult period, most traders go through early in their trading career. 

Mark Williams

My first interview is with Mark Williams, who is from the UK. Mark is a self taught trader who as you will find out during the interview has many of the qualities necessary for trading success, one of which is discipline.

Aiming for just a few pips per day and walking away from the market is very difficult to do, but this is a fundamental part of Mark's strategy.

Trading in a unique style, different from most other traders, is also a sure fire way to up the chances of success, Mark has a style unlike anything I have seen before and I urge you to take a look at the conversation.

The recording is not the best, due to some technical issues we had, but the content is spot on.

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