Trading with Timeless Charts

Ever since I was asked to trade Tick charts, at a company where I was then working at the time, I have become a huge fan of 'Timeless Charts'. What do I mean by timeless charts ?  I mean charts which are drawn using parameters other than time.

Most people use charts  where a candle is drawn every 1,5,15,30,60,240 minutes, which means everyone is looking at the same price action moves and most probably trading in very similar ways.

Using timeless charts, everything changes, quite difficult to read price action becomes smooth.


For those that are interested the AZ-Invest range bar plugin is the best I have seen so far and they give a discount to all Exacttraders on checkout.

Please see the video below where I describe an option for timeless charts, namely Range Bars, and also make the compariosn with 'amended price candles' like Heikin Ashi which I do not trade and I feel are actually very dangerous.

Timeless Charts

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