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Strategy Videos - Multi Position Strategy

In this video, I look at trading using multiple position and using bank levels for entry points.The golden rule about this strategy is that once in the trade with a full three positions you must hold for a reasonable reward to risk ration like 2 to 1 in order to make the strategy pay in the long run.

In this video I look at turning a losing trade into a winning trade.

Anyone who has been trading longer than a few months will probably understand that trading is all about levels. Buying or selling of the levels is where and how you can make profits; this is due to the number of participants who are switching “trains” at these levels. Big traders are able to undo or put on huge trades where price is hesitating as hesitation means liquidity, which is what they require.

In the video I ask the question, even though trading is essentially a 50/50 bet, we all know that despite the maths telling us, trading is a graveyard and the odds of success are anything but 50/50. The reasons for this are the subject of another video. The question is then that are we not all rather arrogant in expecting that we can call, what is understood to be one of the most random markets on the planet, in just one shot? Knowing what we know isn’t this arrogant or over stating what we believe our expertise at trading is to be?

I propose that trading off levels in chunks of two or even three will give you a much greater chance of success that by firing one shot.

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