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MT4 CSV Grab - Free Download

If you would like to obtain a free version of the MT4 CSV grab script, which I use to extract data from screen, to the email box below and you will receive the indicator by return.

Please leave me feed back on how to you find the grab script; its usefulness and let me know if there are other indicators you would like covered. 

CSV Grab

MT4 CSV Grab

This MT4 CSV Grab is a very useful script which enables you to download in CSV form the candles on your chart. The script creates a CSV file with Open, High, Low, Close and Volume data, which will allow you to perform statistical analysis or other actions on the data.

To install the script simply drop it in the MQL/Scripts folder.

To execute the script simply drag the script on to the chart of your choice and add an output file name for the grab. Once you have entered the file name simply hit OK. A CSV file will be created in the MQL/File containing the details of your chart.

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