You Tube Forex Videos

Live Trading Videos - Introduction

Welcome to my Live Trading overview page. On this page I have one objective, which is to show you some simple live trading strategies, so that you can better understand how I trade.

All of the strategies I share with you in these live trading videos, are ones which I explain as I trade.

One of the overriding problems I see with regard to people attempting to take money out of the Forex markets is that in their search for success, they over complicate things. They imagine that in order to be successful, a solution has to be found which is extremely complex.

In these live trading videos, I dispel that myth, I explain as I go the reasoning behind each trade.

As you know there are many many different ways to take money out of the market, what I am showing you here, are some simple strategies and ideas which anyone can copy.

Take a look at the videos and if you like them  please do leave me some feedback.

More Training and Resources

If you are really serious about becoming a better Forex trader then please think about my Forex Price Action course which includes everything you need to be able to understand Forex Price Action Trading. Once you have completed the course then you'll be ready for the 'Forex Bail In' method which I have developed for risk averse traders, who like the EUR/USD and GBP/USD markets.