January 31st Morning Review

USD/CAD looking for further progress higher

GBP small back before resuming up trend ?

January 30th Evening Review

EURO tests 1.10 yet again and reverses yet again

GBP roars away against AUD

January 29th Evening Review

EURO tests 1.10 again and reverses

GBP waiting for direction with upside bias

January 29th Morning Review

EURO hit 1.10 yesterday

GBP selling off again against JPY

January 28th Morning Review

EURO to target 1.10 today

GBP flat currently and looking for direction

January 27th Evening Review

EURO very flat day eyeing up 1.10

GBP down against JPY

January 27th Morning Review

EURO looking for 1.10. during the course of Monday

GBP holds steady against AUD but falls away against JPY

January 24th Morning Review

EURO looking for 1.10. shorts cleared but additional sellers come in

GBP falls back whilst doing better against AUD

January 24th Morning Review

Euro pushing to the downside - clear out of shorts underway

Retracement still likely but longer term 1.08 on the cards

January 23rd Evening Review

ECB statement pushes the EURO south with potential for retracement

GBP also fell back and on some crosses is already retracing

January 23rd Morning Review

GBP pulls back looking for fresh buyers to support it

Some pause in order as GBP should stop to catch its breath - as noted and GBP/AUD already found support

January 22nd Evening Review

GBP still on fire as it breaks out against some pairs

Some pause in order as GBP should stop to catch its breath

January 21st Evening Review

EUR jumps against bank levels then sells off

ECB Thursday markets will be looking for Lagarde to gives hints on future policy

January 21st Morning Overview

GBP - looking for direction off recent push to the down side

ECB later this week on the back of IMF figures predicting slower growth in the Eurozone

January 20th Morning Overview

GBP/JPY still selling off

US closed today so look for PM lack lustre trading

January 17th Evening Wrap Up

GBP/JPY jumps and dumps

143.25 next level for bounce

January 17th Morning Review

GBP/JPY a little more coming

Attention the level at 144.36

January 16th Evening Review

GBP/JPY pops and the others follow suit

Great turn around for GBP so early in the year

January 16th Morning Review

GBP/USD building slowly for an attempt higher - close to the break

Also bringing GBP/JPY with it - and other GBP crosses

January 15th Evening Review

GBP/USD building slowly for an attempt higher

Also bringing GBPJPY with it

January 15th Morning Review

GBP/USD making its move higher on lower time frames

45 pip move overall is possible

January 14th Morning Review

EURO/USD rejects bank levels and makes its move higher

Next stop around 1.1178

January 10th Morning Review

GBP/JPY hit by BOE and recovers to make fresh attempt at highs and now looking to break

USD/JPY also at multi month highs and ready for more upside

January 9th Evening Review

GBP/JPY hit by BOE and recovers to make fresh attempt at highs

USD/CAD - more upside potential

January 9th Morning Review

GBP/JPY magnetic trade still looking good

USD/CAD - great start to the year for the USD and looking for trade entry on pull back

January 8th - Evening Review

GBP/JPY magnetic trade pushing for recent highs

USD/CAD - great start to the year for the USD

January 8th - Morning Review

GBP/USD more retracement coming

Take a look at the lower highs already formed

January 7th - Morning Review

USD/JPY at resistance level

Wait for reaction either way before entering a trade

January 6th - Evening Wrap Up

GBP/JPY runs to the upside and hesitates

Looking for move to the downside

January 6th - Morning Review

GBP/JPY caught between falling back into the trading range and bouncing

I prefer waiting for a bounce if it happens and taking the short higher up

January 3rd - Evening Wrap Up

EUR/USD fell to the closest support area creating a very nice opening two day move

The bounce off the lows was also text book making it back up to the underside of the bank levels broken yesterday

January 3rd - Morning review

EUR/USD pushed to 1.12 and above dring the holiday period, this now looks like a classic trap

Price has already confirmed back down into the range

January 2nd - Morning review

Looking at bank level breaks in a couple of pairs

Notice how once the break happens there is a retest. If the retest can't make it to the level then this indicates a larger move.

Can trading be as simple as this, yes it can but obviously in real time this is hard to see if you are not sure what to look for.

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