Webinar Recordings

Webinar Recordings

Below you will find a recent webinar recording, where I explain Price Action Trading, please leave me feed back and let me know if there are questions and topics you would like covered. 

Introduction to Forex Price Action Trading

In this video I take you through the basic fundamentals of Forex trading as we consider what is Forex and what are the Forex markets ?

Far too often people jump into a subject with properly understanding what it is they are getting themselves into, this is particularly so with the Forex markets.

Even more important with regards to the Forex markets and even more reason why potential traders should take their time before jumping and starting to trade is the fact that you have your own money at stake.

Having your money at stake makes you emotional and causes you generally to make bad trading sessions.

Learn and properly understand the fundamentals of Forex before you even consider opening an account and risking your money.



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