Forex Price Action Trader Training Course

One the reasons you have landed on this page is because you have probably already looked at other training packages, or even bought sure fire indicators and systems which turned out to be nothing more than just wind and hot air.

Most of the system sellers and people who pump out these products have never ever traded nor been anywhere near a trading floor.

The result of all this, is that most people buy a course and immediately become despondent as the content doesn't live up to the writing on the of the box.

I hope you will find what I am offering refreshingly different. There are many areas that I have never ever seen other Forex traders even discuss, let alone dissect.

Hopefully I can help sort things out for you with my Forex Price Action Trading Course.

No hard sells, no promises of riches, just facts, sometimes some pretty shocking facts and evidence of how the whole game works.

Please take a look at the details of my Price Action Trading course which you will find below and decide for yourself if you think it represents AMAZING value for money.

I don’t believe other traders on the net are offering anything as detailed and complete as what I have for you. In the course, which consists of 8 videos,and several bonus videos – total running time 10 hours –  I lift the lid on the workings of the FOREX market and not only cover in FULL detail everything you should know about PRICE ACTION trading.

In addition, I tell it how it is working in the markets and spill the beans on some of the VERY COMMON practices and MALPRACTICES which go on every day  and mean that your chances of success – if you jump in cold – without my course and due preparation, are very close to ZERO.

In fact I’ll go as far to say that without a proper FOREX trading course – one which covers all the areas sufficiently in depth – you will lose money and probably very quickly withdraw from the market. Like a dog with its tail between its legs.

You’ll start to understand that whilst you have probabaly nearly always succeeded at other ventures in your life, Forex success has until now alluded you.

Let’s take a look at the course in detail and see what it’s all about.

Video 1

In this introductory video I introduce the subject of FOREX and explain the who, the what, the where and the when.

Without a basic grounding and understanding of who does what in the FOREX world and how the market works, you’ll be lost and you will loose money.

Video 2

In the second video I look at the various trading platforms that are available to traders.

Many traders seal the signatures of their own death warrants in the markets by never considering the various possibilities of getting involved with the markets – in terms of brokers and broker/dealers.  This is a fundamental error.

I look at the MT4 route as opposed to the Futures exchange and we consider an MT4 brokers order book as opposed to the Liquidity data bank at the CME.

Where are you best placed for your own trading account is the question I ask then answer. I can almost guarantee you, that the answer you'll receive is not what you’ll be expecting.

In this video I give you some shocking stats about the possibilities of your own success and why that is and further, why those that pretend to be your best friend in the markets are in fact your worst enemy.

Now in the case that people are thinking this is pure padding and has nothing to do with Price Action trading, well ‘Wrong, wrong and Wrong’, ignore what I have to say about MT4 at your peril.  Those boys will take your money as sure as night follows day.

I look additionally as some of the large trading houses who will open an account from  just a few dollars and I also add in a hugely hot topic of mine  – leverage - the hooded executioner of most retail traders.

Video 3

In the third video we get going on Price Action Trading here’s what you get.

What is Price Action Trading

  •  Study of Price Patterns
  • Human Psychology

Why Price Action Trading

  • Comparison with Technical Indicators
  • Comparison with other methods

Video 4

In this fourth video we continue our investigation and explanation of Price Action Trading

Price Action In use

  • Candle Patterns
  • Trending Up/Down – HH/LL
  • Rounded Tops/Bottoms
  • Double Tops/Double Bottoms
  • Break Outs
  • Reversals
  • Continuation Trades
  • Round Numbers
  • Round Numbers
  • Levels
  • Pivots
  • Confluence

 Video 5

Trend Trending

  • Establishing if there is a trend – how to measure
  • Joining the Trend
  • Entry techniques – Pull Back
  • Entry techniques – Break Out
  • Exit techniques

Video 6

Chart Analysis

  • Chart Signals
  • Entry Signals
  • Stops
  • Price Targets
  • Example Trades

Video 7

Breakout Trading

In this video I go into breakout trading in great detail looking at live trades.

Video 8

Continuation Trading

In this video I go into continuation trading in great detail looking at live trades.

 Video 9

Reversals and Counter Trend Trading

In this video I go into Reversals and Counter Trend Trading in great detail looking at live trades.

Video 10

Channel Trading

In this video I go into Channel Trading in great detail looking at live trades.

Video 11

London Breakout

In this video I discuss the now very well known London Breakout Trade

Video Bonus 1: Market Footprints

In this video I show you the footprints left by the big players in the markets and show you how you can spot them too.

Video Bonus 2: The Tokyo Break In

In this video I detail the less well know Tokyo Break In trade – a great trade for those on a time zone more suited to the Asian session

Video Bonus 3: Auction Theory and Market Participants

Mostly completely over looked by traders and almost always misunderstood we look at auction theory in an uncomplicated manner and check out the facts as to where trades intentions lie.