February 28th Evening Review

Euro dumps then comes back

Full on volatility returns to FX

February 28th Morning Review

Euro comes back to hit 1.10

Commodity currencies smashed due Corona

February 27th Morning Review

Euro still pushing higher

Combination of short closing and fresh trades

February 25th Morning Review

GBP/USD ready for further push

EUR/USD likely further higher prices

February 25th Evening Review

GBP/USD pushes above 1.30 and is looking for yet higher prices

EUR/USD continues its run

February 25th Morning Review

EUR/USD finds consolidation level

GBP/JPY looking to break bank level

February 24th Evening Review

EUR/USD good progress

GBP/JPY firmly back into the range

February 24th Morning Review

February 21st  Morning Review

GBP/JPY potential for break higher

Euro slight upside push

February 20th  Morning Review

GBP pushing again for yesterday's highs

Euro needs to make its mind up

February 19th  Evening Review

EURO slow day whilst GBP takes off

More about JPY weakness as the Corona Virus could hit the olympics

February 19th  Morning Review

EURO still weak but looking for pull back

More selling coming but move starts to look over done

February 18th  Morning Review

EURO on the ropes and still looking very weak

If 1.08 breaks then  prices could move to 1.05

February 17th  Morning Review

February 14th  Morning Review

February 13th  Evening Review

EURO sells off again and approaches 1.08

Plenty of buyers waiting at 1.08

February 13th  Morning Review

All eyes on the EURO

Confirmation below the lows or pull back

February 12th Evening Review

Euro leaves 1.10 and eyes 1.08

September 2019 lows broken

February 12th Morning Review

GBP more progress overnight

Euro holding steady during early trading

February 11th Evening Review

GBP holds on bank levels

Euro find some strength albeit just off the lows

February 11th Morning Review

GBP at pivotal point

Break from here to the downside and prices will fall much lower

February 10th Morning Review

EUR/USD shorts looking for pull back

Best risk reward trade slightly higher up

February 8th Weekend Review

GBP/AUD trade plan

Expect higher prices again

February 7th Morning review

GBP/AUD recovery off bank levels

Higher prices coming

February 6th Evening review

EURO duly slips away

Currently still no buyers in town

February 6th Morning review

EURO on 1.10 and looking very weak

Currently no buyers in town

February 5th Morning review

GBP/JPY to fall back

Price unable to reach recent highs

February 4th - Evening Wrap Up

GBP/AUD finds some buyers but remains unconvincing

Up trend in tact but lower prices simply more attractive

February 3rd - Evening Wrap Up

GBP/AUD sells off hard

Nobody priced in a 'difficult' trade negotiation with the EU

February 3rd - Morning review

GBP/AUD great run up off the Jan 8 lows

Price now ready for a pull back to the recent highs

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