You Tube Forex Videos

Educational Videos - Introduction

In this section, you can see some educational Forex Price Action videos, in which I clear up some of the myths about Forex, some times have a rant and generally try to help you the trader out.

I understand that,  when looking for information on the Internet, you as a reader have the choice of hundreds, if not thousands of sites dedicated to Forex trading, to choose from, some of which are absolutely rubbish, some of them being very very good, with the majority in the middle there somewhere.

I would like my site, to be seen - over time - as being up there amongst the best, a place here you can find real alternative advice and view points away from the main stream Forex brokerage industry backed sites, which just spew out price predictions after price prediction and are never held to account for their craziness.

The subjects that I have chosen to include here, are related to Price Action and general market news and events that affect us. They have been carefully selected and to me are important.

One last word, never forget, that when you click BUY or SELL on your platform, that your order is shot off into the market making arena either via STP(Straight Through processing) or an aggregator to  a counter party, you as a trader are competing against other traders in this four  trillion a day industry. Your trade is important as mine or anyone else's or that matter.

If you have any questions about any of this then please do not hesitate to ask or post a comment.

More Training and Resources

If you are really serious about becoming a better Forex trader then please think about my Forex Price Action course which includes everything you need to be able to understand Forex Price Action Trading. Once you have completed the course then you'll be ready for the 'Forex Bail In' method which I have developed for risk averse traders, who like the EUR/USD and GBP/USD markets.