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In this section, you will find my daily Forex Price Action videos, in which I cover both the EURO and GBP markets against the USD.

You will find an early morning overview and recap of the Asian session trading and the setups for the European session.

In the evening, please come back to find the updated session information as well as a recap of the day's events.



Overview GBP/USD 20150519

Wrap Up GBP-USD 20150518

Wrap Up EUR-USD 20150518

Overview EUR-USD 20150518

Overview GBP-USD 20150518

Overview GBP/USD 20150515

Overview EUR/USD 20150515

Overview EUR-USD 20150514

Overview GBP-USD 20150514

Wrap Up EUR-USD-20150513

Wrap Up GBP-USD 20150513

Overview GBP/USD 20150513

Overview EUR/USD 20150513

Wrap Up GBP/USD 20150512

Wrap Up EUR/USD 20150512

Overview EUR/USD 20150512

Overview GBP-USD 20150512

Wrap Up – GBP/USD 20150511

Wrap Up EUR/USD 20150511

Overview GBP/USD 20150511

Overview EUR/USD 20150511

Wrap Up GBP/USD and EUR/USD 20150508

Wrap Up EUR/USD 20150507


Overview GBP/USD 20150507  NO TRADING TODAY

Overview EUR/USD 20150507

Wrap Up EUR/USD 20150506

Wrap Up GBP/USD 20150506

Overview EUR/USD 20150506

Overview GBP/USD 20150506

Wrap Up GBP/USD 20150505

Overview GBP/USD 20150505

Wrap Up EURO/USD 20150505

Overview EURO/USD 20150505

Final EUR-USD20150504

Overview Week 4th May 2015

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