DAX Trading 140 pips

Trader Funding - Full Webinar 1 hour 40 Minutes

This webinar is split into three parts:

  • Beginning to 20 minutes - quick overview of the Trader Funding opportunities
  • 20 minutes to 1 hour - Full Trader Funding Webinar
  • 1 hour  to the end - trading discussion and question and answer

Trader Funding - Quick Points

Trader Funding - Overview and Introduction

CT and keeping an open for slippage - get yourself a VPS!

Broker Comparison + CT + Trader Funding

CT Probability Window

More Training and Resources

If you are really serious about becoming a better Forex trader then please think about my Forex Price Action course which includes everything you need to be able to understand Forex Price Action Trading.

Once you have completed the course then you'll be ready for the advanced course which I have developed in order to take traders to an advanced level.