Hedge Funds Can’t Trade

Having alerted you to the plight of the banking, journalistic and brokering talking heads who insist on broadcasting their predictions to anyone who will listen, how about listening to the Hedge Funds instead?

Well lets take a look at the Hedge Fund performance for 2014 – results just in  – and that might give you a clue as to whether or not you would be better of with them as friends.

Here is how they did in 2104.

“hedge funds as a group had a horrendous 2014, with an average return of just 1.6 percent through October among the 2,400 funds that make up the Bloomberg Global Aggregate Hedge Fund Index.”

So Hedge Funds can’t trade right ?

Whilst the above is quite staggering given the expertise in terms of education and brain power at their disposition, here is quick look at what the most profitable Hedge Funds achieved.

What this says despite all the resources at their disposition something is still going wrong.


Hedge Fund Performance 2014

Hedge Fund Performance 2014


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