FX Algorithmic Trading Made Simple Using a Strategy Builder More Powerful Than Ones Used by the Banks...... 

I have been asking my traders for the last couple of years to switch to automated trading, with the advent of Exact Trading Studio, there is no longer an excuse not to get involved with algorithmic trading!!

From The Desk Of: Paul Langham, Exact Trading

Location: 'The City' - St Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1DD

Date: 10th October 2018

Dear Forex Trader,

Welcome to the Exact Trading Studio FX strategy builder sales page.

I have enormous pleasure in announcing the launch of the Exact Trading Studio Forex Strategy Builder.  I believe this tool will  not only revolutionise your Forex trading but mine as well!!  Seriously, wait until you see how powerful the strategy builder is and the speed with which  it can build strategies for you, dispelling the myth that it isn't possible to beat Forex.

Over the next few paragraphs, I will tell you about the concepts behind the product and how it can be used to generate hundreds,  if not thousands of strategies across any market you care to mention.

But first let's look at the problem which needs resolving.

So let me ask you a question, how often do you struggle to come up with a strategy that works in your chosen market over the long term? If you are like most traders, the answer to this question is frequently!

What if I was able to present  a solution to ONE OF BIGGEST PROBLEMS FACING FOREX TRADERS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, namely coming up with a trading strategy that actually works!!

How much better would an average traders trading results actually be,  if they had consistency instead of boom, bust and blown accounts all the time?

Let's find out .....



The world's fastest FX strategy developer and back tester, which runs 1000 times faster than Metraders' MT4 strategy back tester!!

So what is the Exact Trading Studio ?

It's a strategy generator and back tester which is capable of analysing price patterns in any time frame and re-engineering them using classical technical analysis to create buy and sell signals using indicators which can be traded inside EA's in MT4.

Most people need to do a double take based on what I have written above, so I will say it again.....

The Exact Trading Studio strategy builder and back tester is able to recognise price patterns in the market and processes thousands, if not millions of possible combinations of such patterns, prior to spitting out hundreds of strategies which meet you, the traders initial criteria in terms of market, time frame, type of strategy, time frame etc etc

And what's more,  when you are happy with your strategy, Exact Trading Studio allows you to push a button and create an EA based on the strategy created.

Please read this page, take a look at the videos and see for yourself how I believe the Exact Trading Studio Strategy Builder is able to solve this problem once for all !!

What's more, Exact Trading Studio is easy to understand, conceptually brilliant, fast, logical and in a few seconds creates hundreds of FX strategies ready for your analysis and trading, even if you have no FX experience at all.....

Now Anyone, Yes Anyone, Can Generate Strategies Capable of Beating The Forex Markets!!




As many of the more experienced traders will know,  arguments rage furiously about what constitutes sufficient testing 'robustness' of an EA and which tools available on the market offer the required level of testing, ensuring that your EA will not fail on day one.

In this video I will look at some of the strategies which can be created and demonstrate to you how not only how quickly they can be generated but how you can back test them using various data sources to ensure they are robust.


Do the EA's the Exact Trading Studio Strategy builder really work like ordinary EA's?
Yes they do, please see the video below, where I show you how to export your strategy in EA form and to load it into MT4 ready for analysis and trading

What About Licence Fees and Guarantees

The Exact trading Studio comes with 15 day trail and depending on the licence costs bare as follows:

  • Three month subscription Euro 190
  • Annual Subscription  Euro 590 (billed Euro 60 a month for twelve months)
  • Lifetime licence billed once Euro 1290.

VAT will be added for customers from the EU.

The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked.

The next step is for me to make you an offer you can't refuse...



So Here's What We Are Going To Do.

I am So Convinced You Will Love Exact Trading Studio That When You Purchase It I Will Invite You Free Of Charge To A Series Of Training Webinars Where I will Walk You Through How To Use It and How To Create The Best Strategies Using It.

Check Out Some of The  Back Testing Results I Have Obtained For EA's Generated with Exact Trading Studio Which Use 99% Tick Data Quality

Automating Your Trading Could Mean You Otbtain the Life/Trading Balance You Have Been Looking For....

  • Automation allows you to run strategies 24/5
  • Strategies Are Developed In Minutes
  • Verify Your Strategies and Save For Later
  • Down Load Any Strategy in EA Form and Load it Into Demo or Live
  • Understand That the Strategy Tester Can Develop Hundreds of Strategies in Seconds
  • Manage Your Baby Farm of Strategies and Set to Live When Ready
  • Set Up Portfolios of EA's to Smooth Your Returns
  • Gain Confidence Trade on Auto

Here is Your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Want Your Money Back? No Problem!

If you put in a good, honest effort to apply some time to running the Exact Trading Studio if you don’t feel it is worth the money you have paid, or haven’t been blown away by the level of detail and amazing strategies it produces  then I will personally give you  your money back!

Please note however, this guarantee excludes tire kickers who just fancy a free ride – you’ll need to send me examples of strategies you have created and why you feel there is an issue them.

  • 1


    Please give me immediate access to the Exact Trading Studio for the life time licence of just Euro 1290

  • 2


    Yes! I understand I am short-cutting thousands of hours of painstaking research, trial and error by getting my hands on an automated strategy developer which creates strategies in minutes.

  • 3


    Yes! I understand that you're giving me access to training via Webinar in easy to consume format made in an easy to copy and deploy, step-by-step, format!

  • 4


    Yes! I want immediate access to this groundbreaking tool so that I can get going creating and developing strategies

  • 5


    Yes! I understand that Exact Trading Studio will create the strategies and by simply pushing on a button it will develop the EA's for me.

  • 6


    YES!, I want access to the weekly webinars, where we discuss creating EA's with Exact Trading Studio and we work together to push forward with our own algorithmic trading

Very Limited Time Offer:

For A Lifetime Licence

EURO 1290



There is no risk whatsoever and I should grab access to the EXACT TRADING STUDIO  RIGHT NOW for a ONE-TIME, ONE-OFF investment of just Euro 1290

I have a FULL 30 Day Money Back guarantee, and no one is allowed to ask me anything or try to pitch me something else if I decide to ask for my money back.

So Why Only Euro 1290

For THREE reasons...

Firstly, because I want to show you, that this a top of the range product. When you apply what I teach you using the Exact Trading Studio you will have a portfolio of strategies designed to win in the game of Forex. I'm putting my product where my mouth is and giving it to you for a fee which represents a fraction of what you could make using my techniques.

And let's face it - if you're not serious enough about your business to go down the back of the couch and rustle up Euro 1290 then there's nothing I, or anyone else, can do to help you!

Secondly, because I want to level the playing field as regards top of the line Forex  training. When I was starting out and struggling to make that first dollar, all I could find were people charging the earth for their tips. The people at the commodity house where I was working certainly wouldn't tell me, it was every man for himself.

Thirdly, because I hope that once you have seen the Exact Trading Studio in action you will become a raving ran and want to buy more of my stuff.

I've worked for the banks for over thirty years and I have seen an awful lot during that period, my initial batch of students are giving me rave reviews and one thing I've learned, is that if you're not financially invested in something, then you won't apply it. I regularly help people who send me emails only to hear from them months later after they sucumbded to buying another traders product which promptly lost them money.

Now its your time. By now, you know you want this.

I'll see in you a moment when you sign up, I can't wait to share this stuff with you. You're going to love it. Here's to you making money with Forex today!


What if I was to offer you a three month licence to the full functionality of the Exact Trading Studio tool for just Euro 199 ?

I don't think I can be fairer that that !!

Please sign up below to receive instant access to the tool.

There is no risk whatsoever and I should grab access to the EXACT TRADING STUDIO  RIGHT NOW for a TWELVE MONTH  investment of just Euro 60 per month.

I have a FULL 30 Day Money Back guarantee, and no one is allowed to ask me anything or try to pitch me something else if I decide to ask for my money back.

Risk Free Acceptance Form

YES! I Want Instant Access Now! I understand that I'll receive instant access to:

I would like to offer you the chance to get to know Exact Trading Studio via the purchase of an annual licence which costs Euro 590 and will be billed at Euro 60 per month for twelve months.

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