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In this course you will learn how to become a successful Automated Forex Trading Specialist


Welcome to the “Automated Forex Trading Course.  My name is Paul Langham and over the next ten modules I will be taking you through this course. Please take your time properly understand the concepts behind my teachings.

You can always stop the videos and come back to review them again at any time, in fact, it is advisable to view the videos at least twice so that you really get to understand the concepts behind the techniques.

Additionally, because I want you to succeed,  I have created plenty of bonus modules containing extra information that you will surely find useful and educational.

I wish you great autoamted FX trading success.

Upcoming Training

The training is separated into three modules. Introduction, main and bonus.

Keep a look out for some further live training which I have scheduled for you. You'll receive notification about this from in an email from me.

This will include anything topical which is affecting the markets, currently this is the "GREXIT"possibility and the general weakness of the EURO.

I am here to help and find 'different angles' on our profession of choice, if you have questions do not hesitate to ask.