Automated trading, is probably the easiest and safest way for most traders to get involved in trading financial markets. Trading using an automated script means you don't need to spend hours in front of one or more screens and as a result frees up time for you as a trader to do other things. It also helps avoid many of the pitfalls that await manual traders. 

The profession of  financial trader is a hard one,  and requires determination, skill and expertise. A trader must have a edge ove the market  which consistently beats the market and the associated market costs like broker fees, swap, and commission. Establishing, finding and maintaining such an edge,  is a time consuming and sometimes rather fraught occupation.. 

Automated trading is a far simpler approach, as the edge can be mathematically calculated and managed going forward.

In 2019,  I created a Metatrader MT4 Expert Advisor called the 'Perambulator', which runs exclusively on the EUR/USD.

Since 2019 the EA has performed profitably every year, the most recent version has just been released. The test results are noted below on this page as well as the live results from the latest version.

ALGO BONUS - When You Trade Using an Algorithmic Trading Script Your Trading Runs  'Automatically' Without Any Manual Intervention This Means you DO Not Need To Be GLUED to Your Charts All Day Long and Frees Up Time So That Can Do Something Else.

As an experienced Algorithmic Trader I have spent years - actually decades - attempting to perfect my approach to the design, test, and live execution of my trading algorithms. There are many schools of thought about how this should be achieved and as is the case in many professions, many of those schools of thought do not agree with each other.  In the last two years,  the algorithmic trading market has made a tremendous leap forward in its understanding and approach towards the question of testing, walk forward testing and recalibrations of algorithms.  Recalibration at intervals as short as one month are now common place, and given the sometimes abrupt changes in market volatility and not even mentioning the impact of the global geo-ploitical situation, and events like COVID, in my opinion  this frequency of adjustment is perfectly acceptable.

Expert Advisors - Metatrader Algo's

The 'Perambulator' - Launched 28th October 2019

The Perambulator Expert Advisor runs only on the EUR/USD and was originally launched on the 28th October 2019. The EA runs on the 15 minute time frame and provides around double the profits to draw down, being around 20%  

EUR/USD -  most heavily traded currency pair on the planet

The Perambulator version 1.10 trades against the EUR/USD 15 minute time frame and will take approximately two to three trades per week, however this will depend on market volatility and the price action which takes place as a result.

Control losses and manage targets

All of my EA's run using strict money management rules and this includes the Perambulator v1.10 thereby ensuring that the traders account is correctly managed from a risk point of view. Manual trading may lead to traders over trading and starting to take additional risks in order to claw back losses. With an automated trading script this is not possible, the code which has been implemented simply runs according to a set of rules not emotions.

Trade Whilst You Sleep or Work

It sounds like a very hackneyed sales technique, but please do not ignore the effect of having something else working for you whilst you are enjoying your free time,or working at something else.  Algorithms can and do trade whilst you sleep. 

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MT4 Expert Advisor "The Perambulator" Details and Results

Perambulator is an MT4 EA(Expert Advisor) or automated traded system(algorithm) which runs exclusively on the EUR/USD and the 15 minute time frame.

The EA is very good because it adapts to the typical price action of the E/U and the type of ranges the 15 minute time frame normally moves in.

The algorithm has been created and designed  to run with a stop loss and target, so there is never a risk of ruin,  due to a catastrophic market move, as is the case when trades are left open ended without a stop loss.

The win rate is high with good profitability over the short, medium and long term with a very limited draw down.

Trading Results 2016 - 2019

Listen to Paul Langham Explain More About Account The Perambulator version 1.4

Trading Results 2019 - January 2024

Listen to Paul Langham Explain More About The Perambulator version 1.10

Testing Expert Advisors

Please see the video below if you are interested to better understand the latest techniques when testing.

Thirty years ago, testing an algorithmic trading system consisted of optimizing the best settings of an algorithm using one or more indicators found in standard financial trading software packages, like Trade Station, Meta Stock, Sierra Charts, or Ninja Trader.

The results of this optimization process created test results with unbelievable profit curves and the promises of instantaneous riches. What those early automated testers did not realize was that they had 'overfit' their test results, and the algos would never provide similar results during forward testing nor in the live market. This is because the market is continually evolving and no two days are the same, over optimization is a receipe for disaster.

Move forward thirty years and the creation and testing of algorithms has fundamentally changed. to incorporate an emphasis on the most recent market behaviour.

Metatradder Expert Advisor


Following purchase, please look out for the emails you will receive from me, which will include the description and instructions on how to download the Perambulator Expert Advisor and install it. It is essential that you use a low spread/zero spread broker who has  low commissions, so that you can maximize profits. I will detail my prefered low spread broker for you as well, please look out for the discounted rates we receive from this broker.

EXTRA BONUS - Purchase the Perambulator and receive access to my private Telegram group where members follow along with the trades.

The Perambulator v.10

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Cut Short Your Own Research and Testing

Developing, testing and creating your own Expert Advisor is a painstaking business which may take many hundreds of hours.

Installation Video

You will receive an installation video showing you how to install the Perambulator Expert Advisor on your Metatrader 4 or 5 trading platform.

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