One Day Training Course Reveals...

"The Simple 3-Step Formula For Building
Automated Trading Systems That Work"

Watch the video now to discover the details of the three upcoming trading courses which I will be running in London during June and July 2019.

  • Saturday 1st June - London in the 'The City' - Algo Trading Course
  • Saturday 29th June - London in the 'The City' - Algo Trading Course
  • Saturday 20th July - London in the 'The City' - Algo Trading Course

Here's what you will learn on the course. In 2018 I launched my M08 momentum trading system and in this course I will be presenting a short term trading method of using this trading idea. This method harnesses just three simple concepts which can apply to your own trading to enhance profitability. Without these concepts you will find it very hard to make money trading the markets.

I will be looking at how you can use the M08 as a signal generator using timeless charts as examples.

In addtion I will be presenting two other trading ideas and Expert Advisors which also trade using the same techniques,  which control risk and yet maximize profit.

How can you attend? Firstly, all M08 subscribers are invited, please add your name below to receive more details and reserve your place for the first of the dates namely Saturday 1st June.

You can either attend in person in London, we are a few steps away from the Tower of London in the heart of 'The  City" or you can connect via the Internet comfort of your own home.

This sign up is just for those people who would like to attend in person.

If you would like to attend in person but are not an M08 subscriber then please drop me a mail to paul at and I will send you details of the pricing structure.

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